As you know, every Model of the Year will earn a series of bonus shoot with us. First and foremost this is a great opportunity for the model to show that he deserves the title. Also, this is a great way to showcase our top model by pushing him to limits. This year is no different, except that with Ruslan, we decided to double the shoots. First, we invited him to our studio, notifying that he had won and proposed a series of shoots immediately – we wanted him to go through a mandatory program to showcase the best workouts from last year and also try out some new. The second round of workouts was left for the members who were able to suggest the workouts for the boy.

We started Ruslan’s program with a look back at the beginning of the year and had him go through the dreaded Gladiator Abs Wokrout. It is one of the hardest workouts that we have, mostly because it involves intense sessions of gut punching to really try out the model’s abs. Gladiator Abs Workout is a lso a great way to communicate to the boy that regardless of his title he will not be shown any mercy, cut any slack or forgiven any mistake.

The workout is merciless. It combines several abs exercises, but instead of rest, the boy has to endure gut punching in several different positions that increase in difficulty. And that is the trick: as the exercise progresses, the boy’s abs get more and more tired. But in between exercises he needs to flex them again to defend from gut punches. This is not only effective, but also a fun way to make the boy present the results of his workout. We have always thought that flexing abs is one of Ruslan’s weak spots so let’s see if he can do it properly while being punched.

He must go through the following gut punching poses:

  • Standing hands behind the head
  • On the knees hands behind the back
  • On the knees holding an iron bar over shoulders
  • On the knees holding weights in both hands
  • Lying on the bench holding weights and keeping legs lifted
  • Hanging in between leg raises
  • Standing against a pillar, hands behind the back
  • Lying on a medical ball

This exercise is all about the abs. If you think it is difficult, just wait ;)