Several of our members and fans have suggested to further improve our casting sessions to give even better overview of the model’s body. We have now introduced a new casting routine that all aspiring fit casting models must go through before any other shoots. The castings designed to give perfect, detailed overview of the models body to our members who can give points to the models in the member section. We were so glad to find a perfect, stunning model to introduce this new routine to you.

The casting is very long and hard and is divided into 8 parts.

Part 1 is called “Flexibility” – this serves as a warmup but also as the first introduction of the model’s body. For 10 minutes the model must perform stretches. Models are encouraged to be as creative as possible to show off their physiques and please our members.

Part 2 is devoted to chest. The model must work out his chest for 10 minutes, performing push-ups, bench presses, cable flies etc. Here the goal is to get a true appreciation of the model’s chest.

Part 3 is devoted to the model’s abs. Here the model shows off his abs by performing some of the most difficult exercises for the abs for 10 minutes.

Part 4 is focusing on the back, again the length of the segment is 10 minutes and the model really needs to show his back for the viewers.

In part 5 we move to the model’s arms and for 10 minutes the model works out his biceps and triceps.

In part 6 the model works out his legs for 10 minutes.

After these 6 parts the model will be already quite tired and this is where we increase the tempo to test the model’s endurance: immediately after the legs exercise the model does 2 endurance exercises: for 2 minutes maximum amount of jumping jacks and for 2 minutes maximum amount of burpees. This is repeated after 1 minute rest. This builds up significant amount of sweat and the model moves on to the next part.

Part 7 immediately after exhausting endurance segment, the model goes to the “Stress” segment. Sweating, he must keep 5 stress positions in 2 rounds: wall sit, crab walk, kneeling arms raise, leg raise, bridge.

The final part is competition: the model has 10 minutes and in this period he must go through five different exercises, having 2 minutes for each exercise: jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, burpees. The goal is to collect as may reps as possible, each rep giving 1 point. The model to break the current record gets automatically selected for more shoots.

We are quite happy with this new routine as it really puts the models to test showing off their body and at the same time testing their endurance and willpower. We have included some screen caps of Ruslan’s performance and the results were truly amazing.