When Pavel joined us in the first casting in Prague we knew immediately that he will be very popular with our members. In red speedo, he goes through the full “First Casting” session with its demanding exercise and posing routines. The feedback to Pavel’s performance from our members was good and we immediately scheduled him for additional shoots. In the first casting you will see Pavel show his flexibility, then continue work out his body: chest, abs, arms, legs, shoulders, back. He will then perform some cardio and endurance exercises. It is an intense, casting session. It was shot at the time when we were only defining the elements of our “First Casting” routine and we were glad that we had such an inspiring model who we were able to use in polishing the casting routines. We also attach a preview gallery of Pavel’s casting that draw raving reviews. The casting has 20 episodes and is now playing on Fitcasting.com member section.