We have two parts for the main site: in the “video” section you will see thousands of workout clips from our our models, but how one becomes a part of Fitcasting team? Every second month we present a new model for our members in the casting session. The first casting is very thorough workout, each part concentrating on a different muscle group. The goal is to present a trainee in a way that gives all members a perfect overview of each boy’s strengths and weaknesses. Then the members can vote on each clip – if the boy receives a score lower than 4.5 he will not be entitled for next shoots with us. If he receives higher score than 4.8, he is guaranteed to have additional shoots with us.

There casting has the following parts:

1. Flexibility – 10 minutes

2. Chest – 10 minutes

3. Abs – 10 minutes

4. Back – 10 minutes

5. Shoulders – 10 minutes

6. Arms – 10 minutes

7. Legs – 10 minutes

8. Endurance – 10 minutes

9. Stress – 10 minutes

10. Final speed test – 10 minutes