We have now started to publish in the “Casting” section the First Casting of Mikhail. We decided to call this video “The Muscle Show” because this is what it is. When Mikhail wrote us and wanted to do a casting with us we were slightly pessimistic, but agreed a short shoot. We then asked the opinion of our members and the response was very very positive. And we can understand why: Mikhail is not only extremely well built nut he is very comfortable in presenting his body, posing and flexing during exercise breaks all the time. The response was so good that we decided to schedule immediately three new shoots with him, starting from the formal “First Casting Routine” and moving on to “Posing Workout”. In the “Muscle Show” the goal for the Mikhail is to show that he is qualified to be admitted for the first casting. In this video we did not give the model any required exercises, but we asked him to choose the exercises and poses by himself. The only criteria being that the session should showcase the model’s body to the maximum. As you can see from the gallery included in this preview Mikhail really shows his motivation by choosing exercises and poses that really help us to appreciate his whole body.