All models who join for the first time must go through an elaborate casting session: and Mikhail is not an exception. Although we introduced him to our members with an earlier flexing video, he too, must go through the elaborate and very difficult casting session. Mikhail is very motivated and really knows how to show his muscles during this very hard workout session. The session starts with flexibility where the model must stretch and present his body. It is then followed by pumping muscles and posing, by first concentrating on model’s chest, then abs, arms, shoulders. Mikhail chooses good exercises that are not only in working his muscles but also showing his body. Only at the leg exercise we must tell him to repeat it and choose a better routine: the result is an epic show. Like all other models, Mikhail must also go through very demanding endurance routine. He is quite tired when getting to endurance and his tempo in doing jumping jacks, burpees has slowed down and he loses perfect form. So we make him to repeat the whole endurance routine as a penalty. The model is then ready to proceed to the stress positions. He masters the first round, but the second round is sloppy as he loses the perfect form for several times. Again he must face penalty workout in the form of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups and burpees. The last round of burpees is almost too much for the muscular model as he slows down a lot. This means additional penalty: we cannot make him do another round of burpees or push-ups, but he simply needs to spend some time on cross trainer. Covered in sweat, he complies. In this video you can really see that Mikhail is made for hard, almost impossible exercises and he likes to be pushed to achieve harder and harder goals.