Jakub Smucr: Speedo Workout was one of the early videos published on Fitcasting.com and is very important to the development of our style. In the early videos it was models doing workout, where they were able to choose their shorts and also routine. In this video we started to push our models for harder workouts and we started to opt for speedo instead of shorts or even boxers. This is the first Fitcasting.com video that was shot where the model wears speedo during workout and received high praise from our members. This is also the first video where we started to push the models limits: you can see the level of difficulty from the facial expressions of Jakub. The video was shot immediately after a 1 hour workout session, where the model was already quite exhausted. The exercises are difficult and aimed also to best show off the model’s development. This is a Fitcasting.com classic where it all started.