Over the years, we have created so much content that several members asked us to organize it in a more manageable way. This is why we decided to introduce categories in our website. This way our members will be able to find an easier way to the type of training they are looking for and also this way you may be able to re-discover some old favourites that may otherwise be hard in the regular flow of updates. The categories preview will also help those who are only considering to join us to make a better sense, what is inside the member section.

We have organized our videos in the following categories:



Every new model on our site has to go through the First Casting. It is a thorough, hard routine designed to showcase every aspect of the model and test his strength and stamina. The casting routines have changed over time as we take into account the recommendations of our members. The members can share their opinions on the boys. Usually, the boys who earn a rating over 4,5 are invited back for more shoots.



This category has one of our classic workouts designed to test the endurance of the boys. Some have said the routines may be monotonous, but they really test the boys. Usually we build the cardio workouts so that they get harder as the exercise progresses. The boy is still expected to perform at the same level or face penalty. Enjoy the boys struggle as they are in competition with themselves.



In these workouts we concentrate no chest. The classic Pec Pump challenge is designed to be unfair to leaner models, but it is fun to watch. In these workouts we want to see the pumped pecs as the boys sweat to pump them even more.



Push-ups. Some of the hardest workout routines that we have designed concentrate just on push ups. There are several varieties of them as we make the boys go through endless reps. We test the speed and endurance, perfect form and determination. Lot of these challenges are recommended by members.



Here we want the boys to work their abs. Planks, sit-ups, leg raises and more. And yes, gut punches. Even whipping. What can be a better way to expose boy’s abs then when they are flexed in anticipation of a punch.


These workouts are designed to simply show off the boys. But do not think that these workouts are any easier. We want those muscles properly worked before they can be showed off. And when the time comes to show off, we want the poses to exhibit every detail of the boy’s body. Sometimes we use oil or water to highlight the muscles, but we believe that the best shine on the muscles is sweat from heavy workout.


These exercises are just hard. They are unfair and designed to be so. As the boys submit to the training they know that they probably will not perform as required and must face the penalty, but we want to find out just where the limits are. We add leg weights, wrist weights and set impossible goals. Endless reps and unfair punishments for even slightest mistake – these exercises are created together with our members and are as creative as they are hard. Be inspired and let us know if you have a new brutal routine: we want to try it on our boys!


Stress poses are often used for punishment but they are also great exercise. They require enormous effort to complete as boys need to stay motionlessly, carrying weights or being stimulated by a “distractor” – be it pain or pleasure. But these exercises are also great in inserting discipline and obedience into our boys. Although in these trainings the muscles get the heaviest load, it is the minds that are actually trained. And last, but not least, this is fun to watch. 


Already in the first casting our boys learn that we are not forgiving of the sloppy poses or targets that go unachieved. Every mistake, however small, is punished. Usually we include punishments in the end of each routine but we have decided that it was necessary to introduce a special category for “Punishment Workouts”. Why? First, the boys need to learn how to take the punishments properly: Shiiko Dachi pose or other penalties actually need rehearsing and we want the boys to be ready to take their punishments correctly when assigned. The second reason is that sometimes, if the transgression is too grave, a simple, short punishment is not enough and the boy needs to report to a specially designed “punishment workout”


We want always to bring fun and entertainment to the workouts. The boys do not work out for themselves, they work out to please our members. We want to show them off every possible way and sometimes we get all kinds of quirky ideas about the trainings to buy our boys through. Animal Kingdom workouts are one of the most popular and entertaining routines. In those the exercises that the boys go through simulate animal movements. In these exercises we can show off the boys from all kinds of new angles as they move as apes, grasshoppers, crabs or camels.


With bodies like this we also want to see the boys fight. For this we have created a special “Gladiator School” workouts where the boys prepare for performance and then perform to entertain their audiences. Just like ancient Roman slaves, they wear almost nothing (sometimes a loincloth or knee-bands) as they fight not for themselves, but to the pleasure of others. The games are different than in ancient Rome, but you may find them still entertaining and enjoyable.



In this category we have created a series of workouts for a fantasy “Model School”, run by a strict supervisor where the boys learn to present themselves. The trainings are designed as continuation to the first casting as the boys learn even more how to present themselves and be comfortable with their bodies.


In this category we make our boys to face the challenge of history. Here, we return to the times of servants and slaves and explore this part of human history. The role of slave or servant presents numerous physical challenges and can be an ideal way for strength training. How to please a demanding master? How would one train for that? Here, we fantasise what would be a good training for Ganymede a mythological boy servant for Zeus, who no doubt had to endure several physical hardships. How would a good rickshaw boy be trained in some Asian stable to ensure their strength and performance? 


We want our trainings to be complete. No part of the body should escape the strength training. We believe that genital muscles deserve as much training as any other, helping to improve stamina and sexual performance. Naturally, the best way to train these muscle groups is by maintaining an erection. Known among our boys simply as “cock-trainings” they are among most dreaded ones. As the boys are required to keep their hard-ons, they are usually put through some physical workout as well – making the challenge truly “hard”.


We believe that in order to perform well as gladiators, entertainers, servants or models the boys must be comfortable with a little eroticism, physical contact, touching and showing off. For this we have designed a special set of workouts where the boys are put in touch with erotic and intimate. We make the boys exercise in close contact, working towards a common goal, rubbing against each other, sometimes with the most intimate body parts. Enjoy partner lunges or push-ups that need to touch the other partner’s genitals, in order to count or simple moments in shower.


Usually, for every birthday we try to create something special. Usually a competition or a special kind of challenge where we get several models together to provide you the most extravagant workouts.