Dima has accepted one of the toughest and hardest challenges on Fitcasting.com: the Cardio Challenge Workout. We have now published the video in full in our member section. The workout that we have already described previously is very very hard: it lasts around 1,5-2 hours (depending on the penalties) and really pushes the models to their limits. Concerning attire, we have opted for a smaller thong. This has been requested by so many members the we have made it a rule to use thongs in the castings and videos as opposed to longer underwear types. The rules of the challenge are simple, but tough: the model must perform 4 rounds of 3 cardio exercises. The exercises are 10-minute run on the treadmill, 3 minutes of jumping jacks and 2 minutes of squats. In each set, the model’s result of jumping jacks and squats must be better. This sounds simple enough, but we do not make it any easier to achieve: in the first round we count the reps of jumping jacks and squats. In the second round, the model must do better, but before he can get to the jumping jacks he must do 10-minute run on treadmill, which we make harder by telling the model to wear 2,5 kg weights for the run. After exhausting run, he must achieve a better result in jumping jacks and squats. For the squats, he must carry the same 2,5 kg weights in the outstretched arms. Time for the third round: the model starts 10 minute run on treadmill but he must now carry 5kg backpack. He must then do jumping jacks and have better result than in round 2. We tell him to keep the backpack also for the squats and again, the model must do better than in the previous round. So far, Dima always manages to improve his result showing amazing endurance. This means that we decide to increase his load even more for the final, fourth round. He must keep the backpack and we add two 2,5 kg weights for the 10-minute run. Dima now carries 10 kg extra weight! Time for jumping jacks – we tell him to keep the backpack but decide against 2,5 kg weights and replace them by 0,5 kg weights. The model still improves his result! But he breaks at the squats: carrying 5 kg backpack and 2,5 kg weights he finally cannot do better than in previous round. This means additional penalty workout that he must start immediately. His thong soaked in sweat after intense workout, the model starts his 10 minute penalty workout on cross trainer. This particular exercise also allows to appreciate the models muscular development after this intense routine.