We like to take our models to exotic location to shoot. For example, in 2018 we took Dima to Thailand to create a truly special workout: the Animal Kingdom Challenge. With exotic location we wanted to create a highly watchable, entertaining workout. At the same time we did not want to compromise on the difficulty. In the Animal Kingdom Challenge, the trainee is to imitate in each set a movement of an animal. The trainee needs to move across the floor in the villa, showing perfect form and precise movements characteristic to the animals that he is to imitate. After each set, the trainee rests on his knees, arms behind his head allowing viewers to admire the results of the training and awaiting his fate.

If the set was perfect, he is allowed to move on to the next set, if the set was not entirely perfect he is in for an additional penalty workout: pushups, sit-ups, stress posing or jumping jacks. The penalties are applied immediately after each faulty set. This exhausts the trainee more and makes it harder for the trainee to control his body and achieve perfect movements during the sets to follow. As we watch the trainee to struggle through his routine we must conclude that this workout is not only effective, but extremely entertaining. To highlight this aspect of the training the trainee is wearing an improvised loincloth – allowing free movement and better views.

The trainee has to go through 18 different animal movements that must feel like an endless list for him: 1. Inch Worm, 2. Duck, 3. Beast, 4. Crab Walk, 5. Frog, 6. Bull Frog, 7. Crock, 8. Duck Walk, 9. Bunny Hops, 10. Sneaking Ape, 11. Horse Walk, 12. Scorpion Jump, 13. Inchwarm Jump, 14. Inchwarm, 15. Flea Jump, 16. Jumping Spider, 17. Exorcist, 18. Zebra.

With “Animal Kingdom Workout” we also introduced the loincloth for the first time. Since its creation, many of our boys have been through this highly watchable training session.