We have so many special requests to shoot our models that we had to introduce a shop. Here, we you can buy videos of our boys in training that are not included in the member section. In the shop, you can find a lot of special editions and bonus materials to beef up your collections of our muscle boys in training. If you are not a member and want to have a taste what it looks like how we train our boys, this is an ideal place to start.

You can find our shop at https://shop.fitcasting.com

Here are some items that we have published so far:

  • Dima: Special Punishment – this video takes us to the Model School where Dima has to go through a special punishment by Stas. The punishment is designed by one of our members and features some of the creative ways to push the boy that have never been seen in our regular routines. Let’s just say that Dima must work his ass off to please his trainer. The video can be found here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/dima-special-punishment/
  • Andy: Rickshaw Boy – in this very special video Andy will go through a training as a rickshaw boy. The workout is inspired by a fantasy of what it would be like to train a boy who must pull his master’s rickshaw. The role of the master is played by stern Alex, who is not holding back with his riding crop to push his muscle boy through different poses and running drills. Andy is not only trained to do the job, but he will also learn what it means to be making his master proud, who is also eager to show off his boy. The video can be found here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/andy-rickshaw-boy/
  • Dima: Unfair Workout – this workout is another fantasy of one of our members whose dream is to push our muscle hunk Dima through almost impossible routines. The idea of this workout is that poor Dima is made to compete at the same time against three other boys. While other boys can rest, Dima must compete with each and every one of them and beat them both in reps and form. Every time he fails, he will be punished. The video can be found here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/unfair-workout/

  • Igor: Triple Sets Workout – this training is a creation of one of our members who thought that our boys are wasting time during workouts by doing only one rep of exercises at a time. He suggested, that to make the workouts even harder, we should have the boys perform at least two reps at one time. Shoulder presses with leg raises, Push ups into row, Squats combined with shoulder presses, leg raises and chest presses – you get the idea. We invited Igor to test out an idea that went even further – is it possible to perform even more – three reps – at one time. We discovered that it is possible, when we add “kegel” exercises to each set. This way the boy performs three reps at the time! And what is the best “kegel” exercise? maintaining a hard-on of course! This training is both cruel and fun and you can download it here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/igor-triple-sets/
  • Michal: Lazy Boy Workout – this training is designed specially for Michal who disappointed us by not completing a training session. He was told to perform the “Animal Kingdom Workout” outside on our stone terrace and he complained that it is too hard on his feet. So we decided to punish him with this very special “Lazy Boy” workout where the boy is told to keep 5 rounds of stress poses, and in each round there are 4 poses. Because the boy is “lazy” he must do only one simple workout  – keep a hard on. If he loses his erection he will be punished with additional training and gut punches. We are sure that after this session, Michal willnever quit another training routine! The video can be found here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/michal-lazy-boy-workout/
  • Ruslan: Male Statue Workout – we like to have a complete control over our muscle hunks. Sometimes it means forcing them to perform hard and almost impossible workouts, but sometimes it means to make them go through completely meaningless tasks. One of our members wrote us, suggesting that wouldn’t it be an ultimate luxury to have a full control over a “human statue”? Could we use one of our boys to perform as a “human statue” in a middle of a living room. We liked the idea and immediately chose Ruslan for this somewhat humiliating session. We chose 10 best known male statues and started practicing. The boy is told to be naked, he must stand in the middle of the living room and display the exact form of the statue that he is told. He must stand completely motionlessly, displaying the perfect form. The trainer is also there. He is carrying a riding crop. Every move, even the slightest means a whiplash; every deviation, even the slightest means a whiplash. In fact, it turned out to be a great workout for the boy (he hated it) and you can download it here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/ruslan-male-statue-workout/

  • Vasily: Lazy Boy Workout – Vasily is an MMA fighter, wrestler and bodybuilder. As he was going through some of our training sessions, we noticed that he is not completely comfortable with the nudity and especially keeping a hard-on. This meant that we took him to a special training and punishment session to help him feel more comfortable with his body. Vasily must complete 5 rounds of 4 stress poses, while maintaining erection throughout the session. And not only erection – the trainer makes him work out his cock while in stress position! How? You will find out if you download the video in this link: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/vasiliy-lazy-boy-workout/
  • Igor and Stas: Gladiator Arena – “Gladiator Arena” is our most exclusive scenario from the “Gladiator School” series that we fittingly shot in an ancient farm in Italy. The Gladiator school followed our young muscle boys in trainings to become gladiators – entertainment slaves to perform for the pleasure of others. “Gladiator Arena” is trying to enact the moment where our young gladiators step to the arena and start their performance. The exercises are fantasy-filled and are not only physical as the boys must keep the crowd pleased with more than just workout. For example in one fight routine that we call “Conquer the Tower” the boys must slip coloured cock rings over the tips of their hard cocks and defend those as their opponents try to rip them off. Who wins and who will be punished as a loser? Find out by downloading the video here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/igor-stas-gladiator-arena/
  • Aleksandr T: Lazy Boy Workout – It is time for Aleksandr T to receive his punishment and submit to the dreaded “Lazy Boy Routine”. Usually we punish our boys for even slightest mistakes. Aleksandr T is obedient, he performs all his routines correctly and there is really nothing we can find faulty in his performance. But having a total control over the trainee, means that sometimes there is no need to find a reason for punishment. Aleksandr must learn that his cruel trainer Stas is in total control of his body and he must do as he is told, even if the punishment is just for the pleasure or our members. Forced erection, kegel exercises and even nipple clamps will teach the boy to be even more obedient. You can download this video here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/aleksandr-t-lazy-boy-workout/

  • Dima S and Stas: Gladiator Arena – they start by kneeling in front of the “imaginary audience. They are clad only in silky black loincloth on leather strap and knee bands. They spread their legs and let the audience admire them. They are gladiators, fighting on the arena. We wanted to pair Dima S and Stas in this fight as they both are the oldest of our boys and also most experienced. There are fun differences in the physique – as among our boys Stas is having the shortest cock, then Dima S is proudly sporting one of the longest cocks in our stable. It is fun to watch them to fight it out in this gleaming, sweaty match, that ends with jerk-off competition! You can download the video here: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/dima-s-stas-gladiator-arena/
  • Aleksandr and Kirill: Rickshaw Boy – who says that rickshaw boy needs to be slim and slender. It would be so much fun to have a hunky beast to pull his master’s rickshaw. This is exactly what we are doing in this video. Filmed fittingly in Thailand, we will get Aleksandr nude and have him kneel kowtow in front of his master for the session: Kirill. Aleksandr has wonderfully developed body and he can really perform like a proper racehorse. Put through exhausting running drills, punished and motivated with a bamboo cane, the boy’s limits are really put to the test. Then come the stress poses – the rickshaw boy is not only expected to run fast but he must also be patient when waiting his master. Kirill relishes his role as a master – it is fun to watch how his cruelty is on display while hunky Aleksandr gets in touch with his submissive side. You can download the video in this link: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/aleksandr-kirill-rickshaw-boy/
  • Dima S and Igor: Gladiator Arena – it is time for our youngest gladiator Igor to step forward into the gladiator arena and face his opponent: experienced and the oldest Dima S. This pair is truly enjoyable to watch – from the beginning one cannot help to root for the young and inexperienced Igor as he puts up his fight against his expert opponent. Igor’s body is still in development while Dima is exposing his well-sculpted perfect muscles. The boys clash intensly – their bodies rubbing against each other in fights, most sensitive body parts exposed for our pleasure. But gladiator arena is not only a physical fight – maybe the younger boy holds the advantage, when the fighters need to maintain erection or even cum on command? Find out who is the winner of this epic battle by downloading the video from this link: https://shop.fitcasting.com/movie/dima-s-igor-gladiator-arena/