It did not take long for Alex to find himself back in training with us. As the first fitcasting training, we decided to concentrate on his pecs and put him through an unfair “Pecs Pump Challenge”. You can find the exact description of this extremely brutal workout in the news section where we describe workout ideas sent by our members. We rely on our members to send as hard workout ideas as possible and we love to thy them out on our young trainees. Alex was no different as he was subjected to this unfair and arduous routine.

The idea behind the workout is simple, but cruel: in the beginning of the training, the trainee’s chest is measured. For the next 90 minutes he must pump his pecs so hard that his chest measurement must grow for at least 2 cm. If he fails to achieve the goal set for him, the trainee must face a penalty: more chest workout. As Alex embarks to his countless flies, pushups, burpees and presses we know that the goal is probably unrealistic. It can be achievable with bodybuilder types who have bigger muscle mass and who are used to manipulate their bodies. But we decided to assign this workout to Alex precisely because of his lean build. TheĀ  unrealistic goal will help us introduce the novice trainee another concept: the penalty session. It is our rule, that when the trainee does not meet the goals set to him or he makes any other mistake, he is punished by extra workout. So as Alex finishes his workout, his pecs burning but far from set goal he is bound to experience a real burn: additional penalty pushups!

This video had 21 episodes and was running with weekly updates from January 18 – June 7, 2018.