We are starting to publish the previews of our videos again after a long pause and we start from August 2017 when we published our first episode of Alex First casting.

Alex is a stunning model and in his first casting he was one of the first models to ever use a transparent speedo. The results were extremely positive and he got extremely high grades from most of our members. We invited him immediately back to more shoots and our members have been able to follow as we still keep pushing Alex through our extremely demanding workouts.

This casting has 21 episodes and it was published August 1 – 29, 2017. All episodes are downloadable.

The trainee goes through our regular fitcasting “First Casting” routine where he needs to collect at least 4.4 points average out of 5 from the member votes. He needs to show both his strength as the casting routine is very hard and covers all muscle groups and different types of exercise routines from cardio to strength to stress posing. But there is more: the trainee needs to prove that he is worthy to be part of the team of models. Alex certainly has what it takes.