Dear Fitcasting fans and friends, we are looking for your support with finding new locations.

Do you have a villa or a house that you can offer for Fitcasting summer shoots? We are preparing currently for our shooting season in summer and are looking for new exciting locations. Maybe our members can offer something interesting?

As you can see from the gallery, villa shoots in Cyprus, Spain and Thailand have offered some of the most memorable and exciting content so far on our site, and we do not want this summer to be any different.

We are planning to shoot at least 4-5 boys over the period of one week. We want this to be a mixture of old stars and new discoveries. The scenarios that we have in mind are Ganymede Challenge and the new Rickshaw Boy Challenge, Gladiator Abs Challenge, Gladiator Arena (Fight) and Hercules Chores Challenge.

To make this happen we are looking for a location (a villa, a house, hotel) that meets the following conditions (some deviations are possible):

  • Accommodates up to 5 models and 2 staff members (cameraman and producer)
  • Available for exclusive use for minimum 1 week
  • Privacy – no external sounds, onlookers, loud neighbours
  • Beautiful and exciting surroundings
  • Outdoors: pool, garden, park, beach to shoot outdoor scenarios (Rickshaw boy, Hercules Chores)
  • Indoors: Large dining table or rest area with couches (Ganymede). Optional: basement with stone walls and arches (Gladiator Fights)

What we offer:

  • You + 1 can attend the shoots as a guest
  • You will get full raw footage of all videos immediately after shoots
  • Subject to availability, you can choose one of your favourite model who will participate in the shoots

If you have a property that meets these requirements and you want to support our new exciting summer project, please contact us at Let’s create something truly memorable!