We have just finished a very special Christmas shoot with Ruslan. We have already published a short preview video in our member section and over the next days will also publish several detailed galleries. This will be a completely new workout routine that we called “Posing Workout”. The routine is very hard, but also visually extremely powerful. We decided to combine three elements in this routine: first, very hard physical workout where the model needs to do 100 reps of 11 types of exercises; second, yoga poses: after completing his 100 reps the model needs to stay in one of the yoga poses for 2 minutes; third, flexing: after workout and yoga pose the model flexes the muscle group he worked out for 3 minutes. The model has to make 1100 reps in total, this is very hard and during the flexing he has a chance to rest between the sets. Also a lot of our members have asked our models to do more flexing, so your wishes are granted. Last, but not least: for this workout, our sponsors have chosen a very very special underwear… The workout starts running every day from 22 December including holidays until the New Year. Here is a small gallery of what is about to happen.