Pavel is perhaps more muscular than what we would imagine from Ganymede, but the more fun it makes the workout to watch. Pavel is in a great shape and we hope you will be thoroughly enjoying the play of the muscles as the boy tries to balance the water jugs in different positions.

Many of you have written us and pointed out that wearing a loincloth in ganymede workout in fact is not historically correct. As a myth from ancient Greece, Ganymede was a boy slave to the Zeus, the chief god. His sole function was to be the wine-pourer and entertainer and the sole reason for this position was the beauty of his body. It would be highly improbable that the boy would have been allowed to wear any loincloth. Some of the sculptures by point to the fact that Ganymede was in fact serving in nude.

To stay true to the historic tradition (and also to keep our members entertained) we have now opted to film the Ganymede challenge in full nudity, and in case of Pavel we in addition required him to show off his “stamina” during the workout, which the boy managed reasonably well. To make his life a little easier, he was allowed to sport a cock-ring.

In the show Pavel is magnificent. His body is gorgeous and his presence is breathtaking. He would surely make a wonderful accessory to any party hall.

Pavel: Ganymede Workout will start playing on 3 September 2019.