In December we bring you a lot of exciting surprises. The Face of December will be that of Dima – one of our most popular model as we pay tribute to our two times winner of the Model of the Year Title. We will publish in the casting session a footage from his first “private session” that we filmed immediately after his first casting.

As the first Christmas Special – Pavel will step in front of you with a very special Lazy Boy workout.

We have had very good feedback with Andy and you will have a chance to get a very thorough look of him during the Posing Workout session.

Alex and Vova cannot avoid close body contact in Partner Bodyweight exercise and Ilya is trained as a Temple Boy.

On 12 December the Second Christmas Special will start playing for you to enjoy throughout the holidays!

This is in addition to all the features that are already playing. Pleas join us and also let us know what you think – we love to hear from you! Our e mail is