We have a new surprise for all our members. Since we have so much material we have started to publish also on weekends and we have something very special in store for all upcoming weekends for you. Two of our very popular models Domantas and Pavel spent a weekend with us to go through several very hard workouts. Most of them suggested by our members. Now every weekend you will have a chance to take a look at this extended workout session. Pavel will start with 25 Challenge in the gym and Domantas will start a 10 count push-up challenge in the villa. Both challenges include extensive penalty sessions. Since it is weekend we all the challenges are double length. So instead on one clip, you will receive in fact two clips of workouts. This is in addition to any specials that are playing. Let us know what you think of the challenges and please do not forget to send us new ideas! As you can see: we love to test them on our models!