In October four of our top muscle boys will have to start sweating through some of the hardest and demanding workouts we have ever designed.

Our newcomer Gleb will have to show his new shape in the animal kingdom workout. The cocky muscle boy has gotten himself into competition shape and we thought that the best way to show him off is in this exotic training.

The boy must move across a floor twice, by imitating an animal. We expect his movements to be precise and entertaining or the boy will be punished.

This is a great way to use the boy’s own body as a workout equipment at the same time putting on a great entertaining show. Gleb tries hard, his poses are convincing and entertaining and showing off his development from a new, fresh angle.

Timur will have to prove that he is worthy to be a master. The boy has expressed his interest to become a trainer himself and he has proven quite effective in some of the trainings. But does he have what it takes?

To be a good trainer the boy needs to learn what it takes to be a good trainee. A good trainee is the one who endoures the hardest workouts, shows off his body and complies even with the most absurd demands of his trainers.

We have selected exactly the workout that combines all three elements for Timur. Abs and glutes training focuses heavily on the boy’s abs, but yes – also to his rear end. Some of you have written that we should show our boys more from behind. Timur will take you through a thorough journey through his body.

We continue pushing our coverboy Ruslan. The boy is completing his push-up torture but the exercise is so hard, that he fails to show the proper appreciation to the trainer in the end of the session.


This needs to be punished and again the boy finds himself under whip. Ruslan needs to learn focus and the trainer takes him back to the dreaded memory game.

The boy’s body is divided into several parts – each part matched with an exercise. This time, all exercises focus on the abs. The must remember the division by heart and perform the exercises as they they are called out by the trainer.

A failure to do so will result in a punishment. Ruslan will learn focus and discipline in a very effective way. He has no problems showing his appreciation at the end of the training.

And finally Yaroslav. The boy will start what we called “A Weekend in Hell” training series of three especially hard workouts.

Since most of you have responded very positively to the heavier focus on discipline we have designed this very special session to one of the most beautiful muscle boys in our stable. A detailed preview and description will be published in the member section.


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