When Stas has 19-year old Tommy kneeling in an extremely submissive pose seconds into the training in the middle of the gym floor, the boy knows that this time he is in for something very serious where there is no room for any mistake. Tommy has performed well recently. We were worried about the marks in his casting, but he proved himself in the Animal Kingdom workout and the members were happy as the boy was trying hard to please you.

But because of his very low marks in the casting, the boy needs to go through one more hurdle. We have given him for assessment to all our trainers: Stas, Dima and Timur. The boy must now prove to each of those extremely strict trainers that he is someone who can make his trainer proud.

One of the trainings that teaches the boy how to make his master proud is Rickshaw Boy Training. The training takes us back into the ancient times of slavery when rich masters used rickshaws as means of transportation. Rickshaws pulled by good looking young men. Imagine a master who has just acquired a new rickshaw boy. The boy needs to be trained. This routine is our interpretation is of how a rickshaw boy training in old days could look like. The boy who is now kneeling legs spread in front of his trainer notices a special training instrument on the floor. Yes, this is the first time when the boy will also feel the bite of whip.

The boy feels his forst whiplash even before he has started the training. While putting on the leg weights that should help simulate the hardship of actually pulling a rickshaw, the boy is not fast enough. Riding crop meets quickly on his exposed asscheeks. Soon, with boy properly burdened, the training may start.

As the boy starts running, he makes his first mistake. While putting all his power to running as fast as possible, “pulling” an imaginary rickshaw, he seems to forget that being a rickshaw boy is not only about pulling a cart. After all, there are always faster means of transportation. Why is rickshaw boy naked? Why is he made to wear cockring exposing his genitals? Why is he told to keep a hard-on? Because being a rickshaw boy is not only about just pulling the cart, it is about master showing off his pony-boy. And the first duty of the boy is to make his master proud. That is what this training is about.

The boy whill be whipped for his semi-hard cock, crouched back and shoulders and unexposed chest. Yes, maybe it is more comfortable for the boy to develop speed in this pose, but does it make his master proud, who wants to show off his pony-boy?

The trainer makes the boy to wear a stick behind his back and he also adds wrist weights for added difficulty. The weights nicely highlight the boys slender, but developed arms, the stick forces the boy in the proud posture, his shoulders are back, his chest is nice and pushed out, head is held high.

Oh no! But the boy makes another mistake. Running in this pose is unusual for the boy, so he loses the tempo. His thighs are not moving properly up and the overall impression is slow. Again, the boy must kneel in front of his trainer for whipping session.

We are starting to see the results after a couple of exhausting sets where we can see the the boy made to run to exhaustion. THe whip is always there. In addition to posture and strength the training is also about pain tolerance. There is no better way than a whip to guide and motivate a pony, so the boy must also learn to get used to frequent, if not constant whipping as a rickshaw boy.

It is lovely to see how hard young Tommy tries to please his master. From time to time he collapses on the floor to catch a breath but then starts his training again. Surely master Stas is pleased and he rewards his pony a special bonus: the boy is allowed to cum.

Would you like to own a rickshaw boy like Tommy? Would he make you proud as a master? Vote for this move and let us know! Tommy: Rickshaw Boy Training starts playing on 19 February 2022.

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