We love to train Domantas. He has come a really long way with us and we are always glad to see him in front of the trainer, naked and hard.

We love his serious attitude, obedient demeanor. He has a nice way of accepting punishment: he counts every whiplash, adding “Sir”. He is processing every stroke with such an intensity, channeling with his whole body the willingness and dedication to perform better next time.

While the training is hard, the punishments are harder. Everything in this training revolves around the number “100” – so you must guess the number of lashes the boy gets for punishment. It is not only effective punishment, but a good way to show off the boy.

While his biceps have always been imposing, we have been very critical towards his chest. So these two muscle groups are our targets for the final punishment.

The boy’s expression after the punishment says it all. Hopefully this will help him to concentrate on his chest workout a little better!

For the final show-off, the boy must stand against the wall and cum. We love to see his flexed muscles as he works his cock. Domantas has been a shy cummer, so this part of the training is particularly hard for him. But he delivers a beautiful load.

Domantas: 100 Reps Punishment Workout starts playing on 8 June 2022.