We have reached 15K subscribers on our free YouTube Channel and to say thank you to all our fans we will publish a special set of clips with Domantas that we have just discovered. After our first casting in Vilnius, we were so impressed with Domantas, that we invited him for the second casting. Several shoots followed and we never got to use the footage from the second casting. We now correct this mistake on our YouTube Channel to say thank you to all our 15 ooo fans there. Of course there are a lot more clips of Domantas in our member section together with more than 700 other clips with other stunning fitness models. Some of the clips are exclusively members only and will never make it outside the member section. So if you are our YouTube subscriber we encourage you to join our member section as well and you will probably not regret. We have at least 2 daily updates and a lot of surprises coming up.