In June we will start casting Pavel N: we are always trying to find different body types and Pavel is for those members who prefer slimmer, more athletic types. Pavel has good looks, but will he survive the brutal trainings that will await him, should he be selected by our members? It is your decision – let us know what do you think of this new boy by rating him in our “castings” section.

But June will have a lot more:

  • Domantas will start his Ganymede Workout. Domantas was actually our first model who went through this routine by method of trial and error and you will now have a chance to see first hand his struggle to help us design a perfect workout;
  • Vova will start his posing workout. His willingness to please the audience, beauty of his body and stamina of his youth make this a perfect workout to enjoy
  • Alex, Igor, Kirill and Stas all continue their Close Body contact workouts, spicing up our weekends, so is Ilya continuing his demanding training.

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