As we added Rustam to the selection of our models for your evaluation we decided to bring some variety to the body types and level of experience that we cast in the site. Rustam is a professional underwear model. He certainly knows how to pose and he thinks he knows how to please his audience. Does he have what it takes? Are you happy with his performance? For the most of his casting we decided to have him in the black transparent loincloth. This is for the first time any of our models goes through almost the full casting in the loincloth. You will discover that Rustam is not the only one to sport this kind of attire in August: as the summer heat is at its peak we are keeping up with the attire. We made no exception to Rustam, who eagerly accepted our choice. Let us know what do you think of this new model? Shall we invite him back? What workouts would you like him to go through? Write us at