For September we have a pleasure to present you our new find Andy, whom we can only describe as a delicious muscle boy. After slender Mark, we thought you might be interested to see some real muscle. A typical fitcasting hunk, Andy starts to show off his muscles in pink speedo. His posing skills are superb and we are happy how he is trying to find this eye contact with the audience that sometimes is so hard for the models to do. His blond hair and blue eyes are bound to make an impression.

After warm-up and chest posing we cannot help but notice that the pink speedo cannot contain the boy any more: so big is his excitement to present himself. It is time to change to the loincloth anyway. For this shoot, as the hot summer is still out there, we have chosen a special summer edition of the loincloth. The main emphasis here is comfort: we wanted the boys to feel maximum freedom in the heat of the summer so the loincloth is airy, breathy and certainly not in the way as the boy wants to show some excitement.

As we proceed with the abs posing, Andy’s enjoyment, excitement and dedication to entertain springs to full life.

Andy’s first casting starts playing September 2, 2019.