The New Face for March is Petr from Prague. He joined us in our Prague casting last month and it went great. We are very excited to bring the casting of Petr to you during the whole March. Since we have so many guys who wish to shoot with us we have yet again increased the publication schedule. We hope our members do not mind :) Petr casting will start playing in the next week and will be updated daily. This in addition to all the other daily castings that we have scheduled. We are also grateful for all the members for your support: this makes all the castings and video shoots possible. And we want to give you back as much as possible. We believe that the increased publication schedule is the best way to say thank you. But not only, we have also listened to your suggestions on the model’s attire and Petr is showing two new types of casting underwear that we plan to use in future as well: Covermale jock for the first part of casting and a simple thong for the endurance part. We will soon also publish a members-only photo gallery to show you this amazing shoot with Petr. And as always – please let us know what do you think of our new boy? You can give marks on the member section, but you are also very welcome to write us and give our feedback. We love hearing from you!