Meet Mikhail from Moscow. He has a totally amazing muscle show for you. We will publish the preview of his first casting in our YouTube Channel, in the member section you will be able to see 2-hours of intense posing flexing and workouts. When Mikhail walked in to our gym in Moscow, we decided not to do the First Casting Routine, but instead chose a routine with considerably more flexing and posing, encouraging Mikhail to be as creative as possible. We would be very interested in the feedback of our members how do you like the style and the model. Mikhail is by far the most muscular model who has worked with us and we would really like to hear your opinion: is he material? Would you like to see from time to time more muscular models? Let us know at And don’t worry: Mikhail will also go through our usual First Casting Routine, but we just wanted to bring this extra show lots of flexing to you first! Here is an extensive gallery where Mikhail is showing off his muscles.