May brings summer and new outfits to!  We are still committed to promoting our underwear partners but we also decided to create some completely new outfits on our own. We wanted these outfits to match the workouts that we create for our guys. Our first experiment with Dima’s Animal Kingdom Challenge was very well received: so we decided to take a step forward and create two custom loincloth.

This May we will introduce you two types of our new loincloth: the black “gladiator” version will be worn by Dima as he starts to pay back his mistakes from Animal Kingdom Workout in a special penalty session: “Shiko Dachi Penalty Workout”. The white “olympian” version will be tested by Sebastian who will return for the second casting and also by Lukas who will introduce our Summer Special video. Lukas’ new video is so special that it deserves a separate post.

Dima’s Shiko Dachi Penalty workout is probably one the most anticipated routines in May and the first episode will be published on 6 May: it concentrates exclusively on stretches and posing, mixing with bodyweight exercises for penalty in case the stretches are not perfect. The goal of the routine is to help the trainee to master the Shiko Dachi penalty position and comfortable and airy black gladiator loincloth is perfect for this routine full of stretching.

We are very interested to know what do you think about these new outfits? We plan to use them with more models so your feedback is really important to us. Also, we plan to continue using novelty underwear: if you have some recommendations (and thanks to those who have already made suggestions) let us know and we can try those out.

But there is more to come: our very popular Dmitry will start a demanding 25 Challenge, Ruslan will show himself off in a new “Intense Workout” that we designed specially for the villa shoots. Domantas and Pavel will complete their Double Sets Challenges. Vlad, Alex and Max continue their routines throughout May.

Ivan D will finish his Upper Body Workout – as he makes several mistakes, he will have to change into penalty outfit and go through a number of jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups. Finally, he needs to spend some time on treadmill and bike before we are ready to move on his next training routine.

We are preparing for summer shooting season: if you have training ideas or suggestions for videos do let us know. Last summer we were able to make use of some of your extremely hard scenarios and we are very much looking forward to your ideas this summer! Write us at