During the first casting, we noticed that Martin did not perform 100%. His body was trained to the perfection but he did not seem to “be there”. The voting result by the members was what we were afraid of: Martin received relatively high marks, but what should have been an easy “all 4.9 series” saw him slipping to 4.8 or even 4.7. Expecting that he will receive enough points to continue, we conducted immediately after the first casting a special training session for Martin.

The goal was to adjust his attitude towards the training: we wanted him to understand how important it is to perform to perfection and also make him understand that his goal s not only train his muscles but to entertain the audience.

One of the most entertaining workouts in our catalogue is “Animal Kingdom Workout” so we chose this as the baseline to our penalty session, but we made some changes. First, to make the trainee aware of the importance of entertainment in workouts, we decided to move the training session out from the comfort of a private gym to the windy garden of our villa. We kept the trainee in a brief loincloth. But the training was not to be conducted on the soft grass, but as a special penalty on a hard stone tiles of the patio. This location helped us to introduce the next element to the penalty session: punishment for imperfect form. The trainee was told to perform each set of exercises or “walks” to absolute perfection. If even one mistake occurred in the routine, the trainee had to spend 2 minutes kneeling on the hard stone tiles, reflecting on the importance of keeping perfect form during exercises. The routine is full of complex movements and it is easy to make the mistakes, but we were not in mood to go easy on him. As a result, our trainee had to endure this special punishment after each and every set.

The kneeling was just a special penalty. The trainee, because of mistakes, had to go through also a regular penalty for mistakes: push-ups and jumping jacks. As we preferred speed over discomfort in those punishments we moved this part of the session into living room floor, adding a special element to remind the trainee the importance of presentation. We removed the loincloth.

The training ended with a posing session in the garden, where the trainee had to show how comfortable he is with showing off his body for our members? Are you happy or does Martin deserve another penalty session? Let’s set the bar high: if he receives lower than 4.8 score for any of the episodes, he will have to go through another attitude adjustment training.