In March Marian will step in front of you for your appreciation. What do you think of his body? We put the boy through the full casting session and more so you can appreciate him and his potential in full. As Always, we are interested in your suggestions, opinions and feedback. Feel free to send it at

Another great feast is the “Hold and Move Performance” by Andy and Tim. This old classic is now reviewed for your enjoyment with one minor adjustment: instead of underwear, the boys must perform nude.

This is a workout-performance where intense physical effort interchanges with stress positions. Exhaustion and tension, exhaustion and tension – this exercise is extremely enjoyable to watch, but very hard on the performers.In this training, you can see some of the most appealing routines: nude armwrestling, fighting, extended wall-sits.

One of the sweetest moments is the routine when the two naked boys must get a football between their chests, without the help of hands, by using just their bodies.

It takes some time when they discover the most important body part that is a key in getting the job done.

Our Ruslan will submit to his final trial in his “Weekend in Hell”. One has to admire the sheer bravery, eagerness and dedication the boy is trying to please his strict trainer.

The last session is called “Hard Memory Game”. This is the exercise that the boy has performed once already, but months ago. The trainer in that training indicated the body parts that he had matched with and exercise. The boy had to remember which body part is assigned to which exercise.

Now, when trainer taps the body part with the whip. The boy must now perform the exercise that is assigned to this body part. If he gets the exercise right, the trainer “congratulates” him by 5 taps on the balls. If he fails, the trainer punishes him with 15 lashes on that body part and the boy must keep trying until he gets it right.

This time, the trainer does not remind the boy which body part is assigned to which exercise. he assumes that the boy has it memorised from the last time. But has he? This is the chance for the boy to demonstrate not only physical fitness but his mental focus and dedication.

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