In March we bring back some of our favourite models and continue to introduce some new hot workouts, recommended by our members. We post more than ever, now 4-5 times per day and this is all thanks to the support of our members!

We have brought back AJ and you can really see the development this model has gone through since his first casting. AJ will start with 13 minute chest pushup challenge, but will continue with more workouts soon!

As Ruslan completes his incredible new Abs and Glutes Challenge routine that we were shooting in Cyprus, Dima continues with the same routine. This new exercise routine was recommended by our member and we are really happy to use it.

We decided to bring back Vlad and test if he is the “right material” for – he will start with a series of workouts to prove to our members that he has what it takes. First we test his strength in “25 Challenge”, this is followed by testing his stamina in “Cardio Challenge” and finally his posing skills in “Posing Workout Challenge”.

Ivan D will continue with his Cardio Workout and complete it in March to move on to new workouts in April. But he cannot move to the next workout before he completes a set of penalty exercises after failing his goals in cardio exercises. And finally, we bring back Dmitry to start with a Cardio Workout Challenge – we update this workout every day starting 15 March. You can see that cardio workout is not Dmitry’s strongest side – this means that as a motivation, he will need to change to penalty gear even before last set is over.

Domantas and Pavel are struggling to get through their weekend workout challenge and as usual, on weekends we update with double episodes.

There will be a lot to watch and we can tell you that a lot more is coming. Thanks to the suggestions of our members, the workouts are getting hotter and harder – this means that please keep your ideas and suggestions coming! Write us at!