When Tim walked into our office we had a good feeling that he will be with us for more. Of course, this decision is finally of our members, but we expect Tim to score a lot of high points. His great looks and willingness to please the audience is the exact combination that we are always looking in the models.

But besides new boy Tim, we have a lot more great news. First we will bring back Alex, who will serve as a rickshaw boy for Dima.

As Dima makes him work out under the hot Thai sun we can admire his glistening body from every angle. Leg raises, planks, stress poses.

But above all, as a good rickshaw boy, Alex needs to go through several running drills.

The boy needs to maintain his posture and tempo, unless he wants to make acquaintance to the rickshaw boy’s best friend: the bamboo cane.

Young Mark finds himself in the middle of a luxurious living room and he is trained as a servant. Mark’s Ganymede Training starts a longer series of trainings with this young muscular blond. We are only starting to explore the boy’s limits and there is a long way to go.

Alexandr will continue his training under watchful eye of Krill.

Temple Boy Workout may not be the best fit for this tall, muscular but the experiment is really fun to watch. Krill performs superbly, clearly enjoying his command over the muscular hunk who is suddenly trained as “temple boy”.

Dima will continue the “Model School” series with the entirely new “Male Statue” workout. In this superbly aesthetic workout, the model’s goal is to imitate 10 world famous male statues as perfectly as possible. Here you can see the boy imitate the famous “David”. And you can probably spot some differences. Indeed – to make it harder for the boys, the trainers sometimes add distractions like clothespins. This way, it takes extra concentration and training is more effective. You can see previews of all the statues in the member section.

We have a very special surprise also for Ruslan who will start with extra long and brand new “bonus shoot” called “Memory Game”. Will he enjoy the experience? You can tell from his face …

More previews available in the member section!