Our models have no time to enjoy summer vacation as they are pushed through demanding workouts and endless more difficult routines. In the gyms and villas, inside and outside they keep working.

We continue Lukas’ Ganymede Challenge that had a little pause – the trainee completes this new routine to face even harder challenges ahead. We bring back muscular Stas who starts his Ultimate Body Workout – we start from one of the hardest exercises in our program to really give him the taste of a true workout.

Dima continues his abs and glutes workout, at the same time taking his Shiko Dachi Penalty over the weekends. The weekends are also filled with Domatas and Pavel showing themselves off in 13 Minute Push-up Challenge.

Philipp will also start showing off his abs and glutes in the “Abs and Glutes Challenge” – wearing very popular gray transparent thong. We have received very positive feedback on Vlad – the boy who many of the members did not think should make it to the Fitcasting.com team has proven himself as a great new addition and we cannot wait to push him even further with the training. But first he needs to complete his posing workout and there are a lot of great clips coming up in July with Vlad.

And last but not least: our very popular Dmitry and Ivan D are continuing their workouts. Dmitry will finish his Pec Pump Challenge and will come short of the target, facing a special “posing penalty” on  treadmill and bike. Ivan nearly completes his Full Body Workout. He too fails his goal and must change his comfortable turquoise thong against the penalty outfit and get into Shiko Dachi position. To complete his ordeal, we let him “cool off” on the treadmill.

Please keep your letters and e-mails coming. Also we will start new summer shoots very soon. Please send us also your workout ideas that you want the guys go thorough! Write us at agency@fitcasting.com