In this holiday season we bring to you yet another exotic workout from our hot Thailand shoot. With this training we wanted to make use of the asian setting and add yet another level of exotic flavour to our menu of trainings. The training is all about showing of the body, yet it is very demanding.

The trainee, in this case Ilya, performs the role of a “Temple Boy” who is trained to perform a mystic rite of fertility. With his whole body he must display dedication while exposing his reproductive organs. We will soon publish a longer e-book explaining each position in detail, but the boy needs to go through three rounds, perfecting the positions in each round.

The session starts with three presenting poses, then moving to Step one:  “Meditation”, “Dawn”, “Rising”, “Left Branch”, “Right Branch”, “Gate”, “Guardian”, “The Sun”, “Flamingo”. This is followed by punishment, in case trainee is not performing to the liking of the trainer. Step two consists of: “Bridge”, “Valley”, “Meadow”, “River”, “Thinker”, “Vessel”, The Earth”, “Pillar”, “The Square”, “The Runner”. This is followed by a set of fertility movements and meditation.

Enjoy Ilya going through this very exotic training!