This idea was sent to us by Jeremy and is meant for more muscled models like Mikhail. However we decided to test it also first on Ivan, who is one of the leaner models. In this challenge, the trainee’s goal is related to the appearance, not to the speed or reps completely. After the workout, the trainee must increase the size of his chest by 2 inches.

The workout goes like this:


Start the exercise with flexing for warmup and then measure the trainee’s chest – record the measurement. At the end of the exercise the trainee must pump the chest to 2 inches bigger.


Round 1

Start with 30 wide grip push-ups

Then go to the bench press and bench 100-125lbs 15 times

Next up dumbel flys with a weight of 20 lbs in each hand for 15 reps

Brief rest on the knees, legs spread wide, while flexing chest and arms.


Round 2

30 diamond push ups (what’s a chest day without triceps)

Next decline cable flys with 50 lbs on each cable 20 reps


Brief rest on the knees, legs spread wide, while flexing chest and arms


Round 3

30 regular push ups

Incline bench press with 100-125 lbs 15 reps

30 regular push ups


Brief rest on the knees, legs spread wide while flexing chest and arms.


Remeasure chest for pump. Compare size difference and record.


Repeat all rounds of exercise in order 3 times adding 10,15, and 20 lbs to each weighted exercise (increase after each round) and 10, 15, or 20 push ups in each round.


The goal is to increase the size of the pecs by 2 inches by the end of the exercise.



The trainee is punished if he does not get large enough pump by

100 more push ups

100 double push-up burpees at the end of the session.

If the the punishment is not complete in 2 hours spend the time until 2 hours is full on Crosstrainer or Rowing Machine