This amazingly simple but very difficult and brutal workout was sent to us by Jeremy. We will try this out on some of our strongest models and Ruslan seems like a good candidate. Please keep your workout ideas coming: we very much like to hear from you! Write us at




4 rounds 6 exercises double rep count each round


Round 1

10 sit ups

10 leg raises (hanging)

10 window washers (hanging)

10 second plank with 5 lbs on back

10 supermans/hyper extensions.

10 stabilisations


Round 2

20 sit ups

20 leg raises (hanging)

20 window washers (hanging)

20 second plank with 5 lbs on back

20 supermans/hyper extensions.

20 stabilisations


Round 3

40 sit ups

40 leg raises (hanging)

40 window washers (hanging)

40 second plank with 5 lbs on back

40 supermans/hyper extensions.

40 stabilisations


Round 4

80 sit ups

80 leg raises (hanging)

80 window washers (hanging)

80 second plank with 5 lbs on back

80 supermans/hyper extensions.

80 stabilisations


All reps should be completed within an hour. Failure to meet this goal means penalty:


Penalty Session:


2 sit-ups for every second over 1 hour

Reverse push-up position, balancing standing filled water bottle on the abs – triple the time over 1 hour

Cross trainer 5 times over the time 1 hour

Flexing session: 10 times over the time over 1 hour