Without our members, the life of our boys would be a lot boring. Some of the most demanding, yet entertaining ideas have come from our members and this one is no different. It is so hot, that we decided to publish it as the 2020 “Hot Spring Special” and we call it “Triple Sets Challenge”. Now with lot of people having to stay at home, hopefully this will help to keep your spirits up.

“Triple Sets Workout” is a new routine, but it is based on an earlier “Double Sets Workout”. The idea behind “Double Sets” was easy: some of the members who were watching our boys work out, thought that a lot of time is wasted when they work out just one muscle group per set. So a “Double Sets” workout was suggested with routines that would always keep at least two separate muscle groups at work, saving valuable time for training and simply making the workout harder for the boy.


One of our members suggested to expand the “Double Sets” challenge to include three muscle groups at the same time. Admittedly, it is quite challenging to come up with exercise that would simultaneously keep three muscle groups working at the same time. The solution that our member offered was ingenious, and very intriguing. The suggestion was to use the exercises of the “Double Sets” and simply adding exercises for kegel and pelvic muscle group. The exercises for that muscle group are very simple and can be easily added to the whole routine. Naturally, the most effective kegel and pelvic exercise for males is keeping and maintaining an erection. So – in this exercsie the trainee needs to maintain an erection throughout all the sets, working out three muscle groups at the same time.

We did not have to think long who would be our first trainee in this exercise. Alex S. has such prominent features that we had always wanted to try to find out how he would show his stamina.

This exercise offered the perfect opportunity. But we did not want to make it too easy on the buy. You will see that the boy has several “surprises” and obstacles in his way. First, if the boy loses his form and fails to work out his third muscle group, he needs to “redo” the exercise for this part, by keeping and lifting a small chain link.

Second, we wanted to really see the boy’s stamina. So, after the first round in three, we decided to tell Alex to “let off some steam” and see how he would keep the erection then. We did not even give the boy any time to clean himself but directed him to teh next round. The results were quite impressive.

There are three rounds of this exercise. You will find out soon everything that will happen there. Did Alex perform well? We thought he did a fantastic job. But of course we want to keep our trainees in line and not to spoil them with too much praise. We believe in strict training, so as you can imagine, instead of praise Alex, too had some penalties coming after the session.