Our birthday competition between Dima and Ruslan moves to the next phase and there is no end in sight. The next phase of the competition is called Hold and Move Challenge and it is a brand new routine where we combine flexing, movements and holding stress and other forced positions. It culminates with a task where competitors must cooperate: they must get a football between their chests without using their arms. We have included some preview shots of this incredible completion and we will post a longer backstory in our member section. You will also see armwrestling between Dima and Ruslan: a request by a member. Please do not be shy sharing with us your ideas and wishes – in most of the cases our guys are happy to make your wishes happen. Alex continues his cardio challenge, same with our incredible Rokas. you are also going to see more Ruslan in a separate workout. Our new face Pavel is continuing his casting along with other models. We also discovered that Dima one of our most favourite models never went through with our first casting routine – we correct this mistake and you will see Dima wearing his famous orange underwear to go through this incredibly difficult routine. These are just the highlights: you will see much more and as always we try to save you also some surprises. Because we have so much material to share with you, we have now updating our video and casting sessions also on weekends. There are now 700 clips published in the member section and around 60 more clips will be published during February. Our membership with only 14,95 per month offers amazing value for money. This is all possible thanks to our members. Big thank you! Please support our models and join us!