Although we published our first “Ganymede Training” with Lukas, it was not the very first time we had tried this routine. To test a new very hard routine one needs a very special model. The model must be sufficiently strong and dedicated – usually these trials take the boys to their limits. We use typically Dima and Domantas for testing out our new ideas and the limits of possibility.

For Domantas, while trying out the Ganymede Workout there was another new experience: the loincloth. His first loincloth video, Animal Kingdom, was quite successful and when we saw that he boy feels comfortable in this attire, we immediately wanted to test the new ganymede workout on him.

Domantas is very strong. So to get the understanding of the difficulty of the ganymede workout for “average” Fitcasting models we decided to have the training almost immediately after the “Animal Kingdom” workout. The boy was already tired when he started this extremely difficult routine full of penalties and posing, but he soldiered on bravely. You will notice, that he carries in the beginning of the exercise water bottles, instead of canisters as we were not sure, how difficult we could make the Ganymede’s payload. At some point during the exercise, you can notice a sea of sweat breaking all over his body. He is exhausted. At some point as 2/3 of the routine is completed he gives up: he cannot do any more. So we decide to continue in the morning, but this means penalty.

First, as we continue, we want the boy to be sufficiently tired. So we start early next morning and instead of continuing with Ganymede Workout, we have the boy go through the full Shiiko Dachi Penalty first. This will make him sufficiently tired and sweaty to continue filming “Ganymede”. But to be absolutely sure, instead of water bottles the boy must now carry a much heavier water canister as punishment for quitting. It looked so good that we decided to keep the heavy water canisters in the routine for all the other models, starting with Lukas. The session ends with more penalty workout for one of our favourite models.

Domantas: Ganymede Workout will start Playing on 1 June 2019. The Shiiko Dachi Penalty will be show immediately after the “Ganymede Workout”.