Dima S and Igor are one of our newest models and as they entered the Gladiator Camp we decided that it would be a good idea to get them first through the “Gladiator Challenge” training – the most basic gladiator training in the camp. The idea is to get the boys familiar with the posing, fighting routines; skimpy or no clothing and punishments.

We told Igor that before joining the Gladiator Camp he would need to lose a couple of kilograms and present a more leaner body. We wanted to cast him as the young underdog dominated by stronger gladiators – a common trick used in ancient gladiator fights to gear up support. As young Igor kneels next to more experienced and muscular Dima S, we can gladly notice that the desired effect is achieved. Igor presents a young, almost boyish figure. His once overly bulky muscles are lean, cut and pleasing to look at. He is there to entertain and show off.

The Gladiator Challenge is designed to be unfair: its goal is to make the boys used to gut punching punishments so winning the set does not always mean escaping the punishment. During gut punching sessions we can gladly notice that our idea to organize the punishments works. There is no referee, the boys must take turns to punish each other by gut punches or pec punches. Our gamble is that tired from workout and unable to completely control the punches, one of the boys will slip and accidentally punch another boy too hard. This creates a snowball effect: when it is the other boy’s turn, he wants to take revenge for his punishment. Causing the first boy to punch even harder. We can fairly say that the abs and pecs of both boys take the heaviest load of this “workout”: by the end of the training they have turned bright red even through their deeply suntanned skins.

This is a very intense fight between two extremely promising young models.