We are very glad let you know that we will be having a very special Christmas season here at the Fitcasting.com! Every working day we will update with two clips: one in “Videos” section and one in “Castings” section. We will have two new models that we want to introduce in the castings: Mikhail from Moscow and Lukas from Lithuania. Efim is going to continue his struggle through the first very hard casting. You will see his stress position, endurance and exhausting competition segment. We are continuing our Cardio Workout Challenge with Dima and Rokas as Alex is going through his incredibly hard Stress Position Workout. Our new casting routine has proven extremely popular and we have decided to keep using it with all upcoming models. We have also designed some new workouts and this is really something special to look forward to: our new model Ruslan will introduce our brand new “Posing Workout” routine where we combine lot of very hard exercises, yoga poses and flexing. This video will start playing on 22 December as a Christmas Special every day until the New Year. We promise, this Christmas special will be well worth the wait!