The holiday season is here and we have a lot of surprises in store for you! The first new video that will start playing features Sebastian, who comes back to play Ganymede. The new location, traditional outfit and perfect body will hopefully be popular with our members. Then we will continue training Ilya as he will step into loincloth and start performing the demanding 25 Challenge workout.

On 17 December the Christmas Special will start with daily updates. Our young Vlad will perform The Ganymede Stamina Workout. The routine follows the traditional Ganymede Workout, which was probably the most popular new addition to our workout routines, but with one very special addition. The trainee is required to demonstrate his stamina in a very special way.

But this is not all – on December 25 Alex will start his Animal Kingdom Workout. The drill that introduced the loincloth in our outfits with excellent feedback will be performed by one of our most popular models whose debut in this new outfit has been long awaited. This is definitely one of the most spectacular videos so far published on Fitcasting.

And of course the other videos will continue: Lukas, AJ, Pavel, Domantas all will have hard times in going through their workouts. And so has Dima. We have received some amazing feedback to his “Double Sets Challnege” and new outfit. This rope loincloth will definitely have his place in our wardrobe now.

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