As the Christmas season is approaching, we have several surprises in store for you in December! The first one starts already on 3rd December and it features our very popular Pavel. We expected perfection from his recent performance as Ganymede and for the first 5 episodes, he received a straight “5” mark from our viewers. But unfortunately something happened in episodes 6-9 as he received only 4,9 points. In one episode, out of 700 voters, 2 members even awarded him just 2 points.

We suspect that one of the reasons of such low points was the fact that the boy did not display so much “enthusiasm” and “excitement” as in the first episodes. Whatever the reason, we thought that as a punishment for his mistake, he deserves a thorough training in showing proper “excitement” while in training.

The perfect routine for this is a very intimate, intense yet simple “Lazy Boy Workout”. We use this training exclusively for punishing sloppiness and low enthusiasm. The training is simple – it is divided in four rounds. In each round the boy must kneel in 4 different stress positions, carrying weights, while maintaining an erection. Any failure in form is punished by additional pushups or sit-ups and any failure to fully keep and erection is punished by gut punching.

The training allows the viewers to admire the trainee’s body in full. We can see his bulging muscles as the boy is struggling to keep his stress poses. We can see his throbbing cock that he now must display for each single set. And we can see his attitude adjust as the gut punches land on his flexed abs. Hopefully you will find this first surprise entertaining!