This year we introduced our members to the Gladiator Camp. So far, you have seen in the member section most of the trainings that took place in that very special school, except Gladiator Arena. Those trainings have only been available for purchase in the fitcasting e-shop.

We saved the best for last: as the Christmas Special, two perfect male specimens step in front of you and battle it out in the Gladiator Arena. Krill and Dima are embodiments of male perfection as they step in front of their virtual audience. First, as it was customary, they kneel respectfully, allowing the viewers to admire their bodies, that are already glistening in sweat.

Then the fight starts: first the boys must battle for their loincloths – as the goal of the fight is to rip the opponent naked. The loser must endure gut punches.

Except the knee-bands, the boys are now naked. They now place rings at the tip of their cocks and the first highly entertaining fight can now start. The goal is to grab the ring from the opponents cock. The boys know that their only goal is to entertain the viewers. But who wins the final competition?

Check the earlier posts for the complete rules of the game and enjoy the preview gallery. And soon – enjoy the show!