We are about to implement some changes in Fitcasting.com website. First, we will soon introduce “Categories” tab in the menu. We will have a special post on that, but we are doing it to make the navigation on the site easier. This way you can get a quicker view to the type and style of workout that you prefer. We will also merge “Casting” and “Videos” menus. This means that from April, all new castings will also be played in the main “Video” feed.

Most importantly, we will introduce a new site for more classic workouts. As our content moves in a more edgy direction, we though that this does not mix well with some of the earlier content. Also, we need space to host upcoming series, as we keep up the volume of publishing 4-5 clips per day. This means that we will be removing most of the content from pages 200-240 in the video section. The content will be moved to a new site to sell and archive our “classic” workouts (non-nude, non-transparent underwear). If you want to keep some of those workouts, then please make sure to download those videos – so you would not have to pay double for them!

The videos that will be removed include all content with Justas, Lukas G, early shoots of Aleksandr, Jakub Smucr, early shoots of Domantas, Adam, Albert, Leonid, Danijel, Lukas J and Karel.

The good news for those who want to continue watching our “classic” style: there will be more shoots to come and new “classic” videos published at least 1-2 per month. But as we look at the ratings of our recent videos it is clear that the majority of the audience is looking for more edgy stuff. We are really grateful for all the high marks for the recent videos. This is very motivating and we keep going!