Our model Stas has received excellent feedback from the members for his dedicated performance in videos. Even if his partners do not work along, he always gives his best. So we decided to reward him and try something completely new. We made Stas the first official “coach” of Fitcasting. Because of his dedication, it would be his job to guide the new boys through our training routines, which can be difficult and demanding.

Stas would not have the luxury of clothes, except for a very tiny fishnet loincloth, but he would not be required to do any workout. Instead, he would have to make sure the boys perform their routines properly, display perfect form and keep up a good tempo. Unlike Dmitry in Gladiator Challenge, the boys now must listen to Stas and obey him completely as he would also be deciding and administering the punishments. Stas agreed eagerly.

As the first trainee for Stas, we selected a specially sweet boy. Vadim has short blonde hair, he has smile on his face, he is muscular but not over built. He is young and possesses this Fitcasting star quality that will make him hopefully very popular. It was only natural that we selected a very entertaining Ganymede Workout as the first routine where Stas was able to put his skills as coach on trial. Ganymede Workout is not only hard for the trainee – it is complicated for the trainer as well. If Stas can guide a complete novice through this ordeal effectively, he can train any boy in any routine.

We told Stas that he has complete control over the boy: his only task is to make sure that the boy performs to perfection. He would decide the boy’s attire, evaluate the correctness of the reps, determine if the sets were made in perfect form and motivate the boy throughout the workout. He would also have the power to punish the young trainee if the boy did not perform to his liking. It would be Stas’ exam as a coach that had five parts: attire, training (reps), perfect form, punishments and motivation. So how did Stas do as a coach?

To be honest: the result was stunning. Stas is a natural coach, a real talent. He dominated the boy completely, driving him through this exceptionally complex session:

Attire – first Stas decided in favour of the blue rope loincloth, but already after first 15 minutes while the boy was standing on the tiptoes, holding a water canister above his head, Stas cleverly decided to slip off the loincloth from the boy, leaving him completely naked. This was a good move – not only because it offers the best view, but because it shows who is in control.

Training – the routine was carried out flawlessly. He made sure the boy performed every rep of every single set required in the scenario. He would also make sure that the breaks did not go too long, that the boy kept good tempo and yes, incorrect reps did not count and the boy was made to repeat them.

Perfect form – Stas really pushed the boy to keep a perfect form. His eyes were constantly on the boy, there was no slacking off and it was clear that the boy is not only required to mechanically perform the sets, but he would need to perform. As we always say: the perfect form starts with a smile to the audience. Stas makes sure that the boy is constantly smiling and really “performing”. Second, as the exercise progressed, Stas grew more demanding. For the whole second half of the training, Stas decided that just a smile is not good enough: to show performance the boy was required to show his excitement and appreciation for training in a much “harder” way. Although the boy was very responsive to the demands of Stas, he often needed reminding that the performance must be perfect and even the smallest mistake is not tolerated. This brings us to the next part of Stas’ exam.

Punishments – Stas proved to be quite a demanding trainer who prefers to err on the more disciplinarian side. He did not forget a single mistake and he made full use of all available punishments. Although the original scenario foresees only workout punishment for the mistakes, Stas decided to add also gut punches. The punishments were administered immediately when the mistake was made. This really adds a degree of toughness to the routine. But even at the hardest gut punching sessions Stas always made sure the boy kept his smile on his face.

Motivation – that is why motivation is also an important part of the training. A good coach must know how to punish his subjects. The trainees must understand why they are being punished, they must push to perform better. And here Stas really excels: on the knees next to the trainee, oiling the trainees body to make it look better, giving an impromptu massage when the boy collapses of exhaustion. And finally, after forcing the trainee to keep his erection for almost 1,5 hours, allowing him a release.

As you can see from some of the photos, Stas himself is also quite happy about his new task. We will definitely use him more as a coach. This addition allows us to do more interesting exercises and also keep our young trainees in line.

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