The summer heatwave has also caught our member section! August will be the loincloth month as this new outfit has received extremely positive feedback and we are showing more and more models wearing this outfit in their brutal workouts.

The august started with our New Face Rustam, who will be also wearing our classic loincloth in his castings. We bring back Stas for the very popular Animal Kingdom workout that he also has to go through in loincloth. In the Animal Kingdom Workout, the trainee must in each set imitate one animal movement. This is one of the most entertaining workouts, it is extremely hard but at the same time also highly watchable: you can admire the trainee as he struggles in hope of avoiding penalties through different animal movements and exotic poses.  To accommodate the wishes of our members, we have also increased the length of the distance that the trainee must cover in his movements.

Aleksandr T is now full member of team as the results of his casting were extremely good and feedback from the members very positive. We offer our members now a chance to get to know Aleksandr’s body better as we chose the Posing Workout as his first routine. We start him off in turquoise fishnet thong, but it will soon be clear that this tiny underwear is too uncomfortable for this highly dynamic exercise. Posing Workout is also best to be done in our classic black loincloth so in no time will Aleksandr change into this comfortable outfit.

This month’s casting and these two videos showcase our models amazingly, but possibly our hottest video that we will start running this month will be Dmitry’s Ganymede Challenge. Needless to say what the trainee is wearing for the routine. We have included a special preview of this workout in our free “Preview” section!

Alex will show himself off in the 25 Challenge. Domantas and Pavel will continue their weekend workout. We will also bring back Ruslan in a very hot Penalty Workout. Pavel is pushed to his limits in his new Cardio Workout. And last but not least: Ivan will finish his Full Body Workout, including his penalty.

August will probably be the hottest month yet on Fitcasting – but we can promise it is just the start of what awaits ahead. This is all thanks to the support of our members, your feedback, suggestions and comments. Please let us know what do you think of the models, how would you like us to push them even more, and share your workout ideas for them at