The spring is here! This means that it is time to bring you our Spring Special: Dima in Animal Workout Challenge. We have already heard a lot of good feedback on the preview that we posted earlier in March but now you will see the full session. The session was designed specially for Dima, but we want to try it out on our other models as well. Let us know what do yo think of the routine?

We have another special video this month: Philipp who will introduce yet another new Routine: the Intense Challenge. You can read about it later as we post a full description of it. This is a brand new routine that we hope our members will enjoy.

The third new workout routine will be for Domantas and Pavel who will both start the Double Sets Challenge. We have posted already a preview explaining the workout at our member section, but the idea is to make the guys perform two sets of reps at the same time. This makes training harder, more intense and really pushes the limits. You can compare who is doing better: Domantas or Pavel.

We continue training our very popular Ivan. He will start a new workout routine suggested by one of our members: Upper Body Workout Challenge. After Cardio Workout we go back concentrating on building Ivan’s muscle. It will not be easy: this means that Ivan needs to spend more than 30 minutes doing extra penalty workout.

And young Vlad is completing his 25 Challenge. He still needs to prove that he is Fitcasting material: this time we test his stamina. It will be the dreaded Cardio Workout challenge for him.

As always, keep sending your ideas, feedback and suggestions. Write us at!