This weekend the Model School will continue for Andy and Dima. Alex order young Andy on the terrace for a special workout that aims to train both his body and mind.

And several hours earlier, Stas has done the same with Dima who had to go first. From what Andy must have heard from the terrace he must already know that he is about to face another tough afternoon under the burning sun of Cyprus.

He also knows that he must pay extra attention to his performance, because he immediately notices that Alex is holding a whip. And he is right. As a part of our “Model School” training we decided to add a very special workout that we read about in a “Forced Workouts” website and decided that it could be a fun addition to the training. The workout is great to show off the trainee’s bodies, put them through an intense training but also to add a stressful “mindgame” component, that would also train the boys’ concentration skills. The training rules go like this.

The trainer has divided the boy’s body into 10 parts: right and left pecs, right and left abs, right and left bicep, right and left thigh, ass and cock. He has assigned one exercise to each body part. In the first round, the trainee lashes the body part once with riding crop and tells to perform that exercise. For example: right pec – sit-ups.

The boy then needs to perform the exercise and wait for the next cue. Like this the trainer walks through the whole body: whiplash on a body part and the trainee follows with the exercise. The trick is that in the next round the trainee-trainer communication is completely non-verbal. The trainee assumes Shiiko Dacgi pose. The trainer just lashes the body part that he has assigned an exercise. The trainee must have memorised it from the previous round. For example, right abs.

Now, the trainee must remember the exercise that was assigned to the abs and perform it. Andy thinks it was hip raises. He goes and performs the hip raises. As usual, we except the boys to perform every set to perfection, or the sloppynessis immediately corrected. In hip raises we want to see flexed abs, legs spread wide and hips thrust as high as possible. Obviously, Andy’s form is not acceptable to Alex and Andy learns quickly that he must show more enthusiasm in performing the set.

But how do we find out if the trainee was correct? Remember, the communication between the trainee and the trainer is non-verbal. For that, the trainee assumes again a shiiko dachi position. If the boy was not correct, he will receive 20 lashes with the riding crop on the body part that was assigned to the exercise that he forgot.

And he needs to guess again. The set continues until the boy remembers the correct exercise. What about Andy’s guess? As we can see from his abs, he probably guessed wrong.


The boys were quite good in memorizing the exercises, but they all had their “weak spots” when their memory went blank. The heat, stress of being punished, exhaustion finally have their effect. When in Andy’s case it was the abs, then in Dima’s case his memory went blank on the left thigh.

The boy goes from exercise to shiiko dachi, to whipping and exercise again, when he guesses wrong, it starts again.

But ultimately, the boy will get it right. But how will he learn about that. As the boy is in front of trainer in the Shiiko Dachi pose, we thought it is best to deliver the news of being correct through the most sensitive body part exposed.

Five taps with the riding crop on the balls will inform the boy that he guessed right. This makes the boys almost want to be wrong, but it is fun to watch as the take the “good news” that the training can move on to the next body part.

We scheduled the two trainings to run over the coming weekends in parallel. This gives you an opportunity to compare the two boys – how they cope with stress and exhaustion, as their cruel trainers push them faster and more perfectly.

This is a fun workout and we can see that our trainers were very excited to supervise their trainees.

The boys performed so well that we even have a harder version of this routine in mind. But the workout is tough. Especially the two hours of taps on the balls require addressing after the training.

The boys must relieve the tensions immediately after the training is over. This is also a bonus and a way to show appreciation to the trainers for all the hard work they put in getting our boys in top shape.