When we could guess the most popular video for the May, it would probably be with our young Andrew – whom we casted just a couple of month ago. His boyish face, his freshly developed muscles, his plump cock, not to mention great feedback from the first casting – all qualities that made us want to shoot him very soon. When we thought what would be the first workout to try the boy out we did not have to think long.

We have always wanted to test a real gymnast in Shiiko Dachi Penalty Workout. The workout is designed to train boys to keep a proper Shiiko Dachi Pose. It includes a lot of stretching, sideways lounges, spreads and poses that are usually hard for the typical gym jocks who do not bend very well. A gymnast would definitely have an advantage.

From the first minute it is almost feels that the routine is specially created for the boy. The depth of the stretch, sheer flexibility, the perfection in pose demonstrate that for the very first time, we have found someone, who is really comfortable with this routine. Nevertheless, we have Stas there to supervise.

And we are glad to see that Stas is taking a very “hands on” approach. This time there are no whips, no belts, no punches, just Stas with his firm hands all over his young trainee’s body, helping to guide the boy through his ordeal and perform as well as possible.

And Stas really takes his task very seriously. He also takes time to explain the boy that he is not performing the exercise naked without a reason. The stretches and poses are also designed to show off the boy’s manhood. As he caresses the boy’s chest with baby oil, he also makes the boy to get hard to please the viewers.

And he gets some amazing results. Dutifully, the boy tries to maintain his erection throughout the training.

One of the perfect moments and crowning achievement of Stas’s work as a trainer arrives, when the boy presents for the “pancake” pose. His upper body firm and flexed, legs spread unbelievably wide and cock rock hard, the boy scores maximum points.

But Stas is a perfectionist. When the boy shows a slight asymmetry in the squats, he cannot resist to slap the boys ass, to bring him to order.

The exercise offers us an opportunity to correct an old debt to some of our members who have complained that we show too little ass in our exercises. This time offers plenty of opportunities and even here Stas stays true to his “hands-on” approach.

The exercise is a demanding but also incredibly erotic. Stretching, exposure and constant hard-on, this is all too much for the young trainee.

You can see how proud is Stas after the workout is over and he feels up the boys muscles. “Andrew: Shiiko Dachi Penalty” starts playing on May 5, 2020.

We can’t wait to put Andrew through some more trainings. One of the routines that we have long thought creating is the “Galley Slave Workout”. A galley slave, who needs to spend most of his days sitting and rowing, would need a considerable training of his rear parts, and not only glutes. Looking at Andrew performing some of his routines made us think that he would be a perfect candidate for the “Galley Slave Routine”. Do you have any ideas of good exercises that we could include? Write us at agency@fitcasting.com